Falling behind on maintenance?

Sugar Webs can perform maintenance on your new or existing site. Make sure that your latest information is available via your website. Update pictures and content regularly. A website providing new and fresh information on a regular basis ensures repeat visitors. Sugar Webs is well-versed on a variety of content management systems as well as other types of websites. Contact me to see how I can help you keep your content up to date!

How Much Maintenance Does Your Site Require?

How often do you anticipate changes being made to your website (changes in pricing, text, services being offered, etc...)? For very dynamic sites (many changes per month, or daily changes), Sugar Webs offers "DIY" Websites! Together we will implement a plan that is the most cost effective way of meeting the maintenance requirements of your website.

Sugar Webs is available to help maintain your website

  • Daily/Weekly Website Maintenance
  • Monthly Website Maintenance
  • Quarterly Website Maintenance
  • Bi-Yearly / Yearly Website Maintenance