How much does a website cost?

Pricing and building a website is much like pricing and building a new home or purchasing a new car. There are so many factors involved it is impossible to give one price. Websites can range in price anywhere from $0 (from a free do-it-yourself online site creation) - $100,000+ (for large corporations). Visit the following link, this is an excellent article that explains more about website pricing:

What does Sugar Webs charge?

Sugar Webs tries to work within your budget. Many times you will be asked for a budget (think realistically), the budget you give is not so that it can be maxed out. By telling me your budget, I will be able to offer you different options to work within your budget.

Pricing starts at $2000 (discounts may be applied for repeat customers, customer referrals, or maybe I am just in an extremely good mood that particular day - being a freelancer, I can do that). On average, a site from Sugar Webs costs around $2500. Once again, this depends on your needs. You need more, it will cost more, you need less, it will cost less. Are you happy with a pre-made template? Is it necessary to have a custom design? Do you need custom contact forms, a calendar of events, a shopping cart (eCommerce), etc. Do you have over 30 pages to your website? These are just a few things to consider in determining the price.

Consulting, Maintenance & Training rates may vary by contract. My consultation fees range anywhere from $40-$85/hr. Why? It depends on how much you need. If you need me for a brief moment, fees are higher. If you are planning a long term relationship, fees are lower. Most contract consulting carries a monthly fee as well as an hourly rate.

Special Pricing

Sugar Webs offers special pricing for Churches/Religious Organizations, After School Organizations, Clubs, etc. If you need a site for one of these types of organizations give me a call and you might be amazed at the soft heart I have for community organizations! These sites include a content management system, a branded pre-made template, and training. They also start as low as $1000! Don't be fooled by the low price, these are not low quality sites. Check some out below...

Here are a few examples of my "special price" websites:

Did you have a look? Not too shabby eh?! No one would ever guess the sites above are "discount sites".